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Careers at Social Connections

Social Connections offers exciting opportunities to provide ABA therapy and respite services for children and youth.

As a part of our team, you will have the chance to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the children you support and their families. We are committed to providing training and professional development opportunities to support your growth in the field of applied behavior analysis and caregiving. Explore our careers page to learn more about how you can contribute to our mission of empowering each individual we work with!

All positions require: professional liability insurance and up to date vulnerable sector police check

Currently Hiring: BCBAs, ABA Therapists, and Respite Providers​

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Title: Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) / Clinical Supervisor 

Job Type: Independent Contractor

Reports To: Clinical Directors / Owners of Social Connections ABA Therapy 

Job Goal: The BCBA will support individuals (clients) and their families by organizing, creating, and delivering services in Applied Behaviour Analysis. This includes conducting functional behavioural assessments (FBAs), skill assessments, as well as creating behaviour acquisition and reduction procedures. Additionally, the BCBA will oversee programming, and provide ongoing support and supervision to instructor therapists regarding the implementation and documentation of all Behaviour Support Plans. 


  • Maintain caseload of clients: develop, monitor, and supervise an individualized behaviour plan for each client, targeting areas of acquisition and behaviour reduction in centre, home, and community settings.

  • Function in a supervisory capacity and provide oversight to all areas of programming including the training and evaluation of instructor therapists, parents, and other individuals within the client’s circle of care.

  • Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team (e.g., speech pathologist, occupational therapist) to create individualized, client-centered support plans while remaining within one’s own scope of competency. 

  • Conduct functional behaviour assessments and functional analyses as appropriate to determine function of behaviour, antecedent strategies, consequent strategies, and appropriate replacement behaviours. Programming for behaviour reduction should focus on reinforcement rather than punishment whenever possible to ensure compliance with the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code. 

  • Create ongoing data collection systems to establish baseline and program efficacy for all clients, and to analyze data on a frequent and ongoing basis to guide programming decisions. 

  • Provide consultation services and to maintain ongoing communication with all stakeholders (other supports, parents, community, and community agencies). 

  • Act within a professional and ethical manner, modelling and advocating for compassionate, trauma-free ABA services.

  • Evaluate, model, and coach instructor therapists in their interactions with clients while engaging in a variety of programming and implementing behaviour support plans.

  • Keep current with the literature, new research findings, and resources as well as attend training sessions, workshops, online courses, etc. to ensure the most appropriate ABA interventions/practices are utilized. 

  • Provide ongoing support and training to families. 

  • Maintain BCBA certification by completing the necessary education courses (32 credits every 2 years). 

  • Maintain all data, paperwork, and communication between self and families. 

  • Facilitate and assist in the development and identification of resources for clients and their families. 

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Join our team as a BCBA, ABA Therapist, or Respite Provider and enjoy the benefits of a flexible schedule, providing you with the freedom to balance work and personal commitments. With opportunities for advancement, you can grow professionally and take your career to new heights. Additionally, wage increases based on performance recognition ensure that your hard work and dedication are rewarded. 

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