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Parent Mediated Therapy

Social Connections ABA Therapy understands the current situation regarding limited funding for Applied Behaviour Analysis Services and the predicament this puts many families in. No caregiver should have to choose between effective therapy for your child and affording everyday expenses. As government funding is not yet available to all the individuals who requirement it, here at Social Connections we are altering our ABA therapy approach to ensure that everyone has access to more affordable, effective ABA services.

Following a similar model that is used by the other core clinical service providers such as Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists, this model will provide ABA services once a week, and will include caregiver participation and home assignments. 

How It Works

Each session is one hour in length and will take place in-centre or virtually depending on the needs of the learner and family. The session will include your child working directly with the BCBA, BCaBA, or BCBA-supervised ABA clinician, caregiver coaching using behaviour skills training (an evidenced based strategy) and home assignments to ensure the learner is provided adequate practice to learn the targeted skill(s). 

Package Options: 

  • 4 sessions 

  • 8 sessions 

  • 12 sessions 

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  • Your child will work directly with your assigned BCBA or BCaBA ensuring that the clinician is highly trained 

  • Ideal for families who have limited or no funding

  • Provides caregivers with the skills and confidence to use ABA strategies to support their child

  • Less weekly hours spent in therapy to provide time for your child to be a KID

  • Provides time for additional service providers including Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to ensure that your child is receiving the right supports by the right individuals (ask us about our community collaborations – here at Social Connections we understand the need for a collaborative approach to therapy!) 


BCBA: $130.00 per hour for billable services which include: 

  • Assessment 

  • Treatment 

  • Consultation 

  • Report Writing 

BCaBA: $100.00 per hour for billable services which include:

  • Treatment 

  • Consultation 

  • Report Writing 

BCBA-Supervised ABA Clinicians: $80.00 per hour for billable services which include: 

  • Treatment 

  • Consultation 

  • Report Writing

**BCBA-Supervised ABA Clinicians are individuals who are currently completing the BCBA supervision requirements to become certified. All BCBA-supervised ABA Clinicians are in or have completed a master’s degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis and are closely supervised by one of our talented BCBAs. 

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Parent Mediated Therapy: Our Services

Is Parent Mediated Therapy Right for Your Child?

  • Caregiver can dedicate 1 hour a week to in-person or virtual sessions with their child

  • Caregiver can dedicate minimum 30 minutes per day to practicing skills taught during sessions within the home and community

  • Learner is ready to explore, play, and have FUN!

Parent Mediated Therapy: The Clinic
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